Past Community Service Recognition Awards

Since 2015, the Kiwanis Club of Pullman has presented the Kiwanis Community Service Recognition Award to advance and honor community service and volunteerism in the Pullman area. Read about the most recent recipient.

Recipients of the award are outstanding contributors to the well being and environment of Pullman; an exemplary role model for Pullman’s children, men, and women; and show demonstrated commitment to civic matters and the ongoing improvement of our city.

Past recipients of the award

2021 Award – Sue Guyett

Sue Guyett’s long history of service work in our community has been very deep.

She is currently board president for the newly formed Pullman Good Food Co-op and founding member of their board.

At Pullman’s Community Action Center, she spent 3 years launching the garden programming:

  • building the edible landscape.
  • teaming with the YMCA for food/garden/nutrition education.
  • piloting hydroponics lettuce beds for CAC implementation that is still in operation.

Sue worked closely with Koppel Farms Community Garden to have CAC plots managed and producing, including developing small hoop houses for local use.

At Pullman School District, as part of her volunteer work above, she helped with food and cooking education by launching a Lincoln Middle School “Culinary Club,” teaching scratch cooking, which influenced some food service shift to scratch cooking in meal planning at the district.

Sue served on the Pullman School District Wellness Committee for two of those years.

She has been a long-time volunteer of the Pullman Chamber and Visitor Center, donating her time with the Cabaret fundraiser, helping to bring in many items for the auction as well as developed the Shopping Spree at Dissmore’s IGA.

She took on the large garden plots at St. James Episcopal Church for berry production.

In addition to her community service, Sue is lovingly committed to her family, offering support in all circumstances. Her three daughters in law and her grandchildren will attest to this, and Sue is excited at the anticipated arrival of a new grandchild at any moment.

One of the award committee members offered this personal note. “After I was injured in a car accident last spring, Sue texted and said she would be at my house on Thursday to work in my yard, and that I needed to make a priority work list for her! She ended up coming several times to get my spring garden work done for me and was not about to take no for an answer!

2020 – Tricia Grantham

Tricia Grantham has served our community in many ways since the 1970s. She worked with the Council on Aging beginning in 1979. Her tenure with that organization spanned over the next 27 years. Tricia became involved with the “birth” of the first Home Health organization in Whitman County that same year. Since 2000, Tricia has enjoyed a very meaningful relationship with the Friends of Hospice through membership on the Board of Directors. Tricia became affiliated with Pullman Regional Hospital as a volunteer in 2003. She served as president of the hospital’s Board of Commissioners for 12 years, and currently serves as the board’s vice president.

2019 – Center for Civic Engagement at WSU

2018 – Pat Wright

2017 – Glenn Johnson

2016 – Sandra Woodrow

2015 – Inaugural Community Service Recognition Award – Mike Heston, Pullman fire chief and community volunteer